Tobacco Control Programs

Tobacco Control Programs

Tobacco Products are the major risk factor of Cancer and other non-communicable diseases. In Nepal every year around 16,000 people die of tobacco related diseases and 90% of them die of lung cancer. In Nepal 1 person die in every 30 minutes, due to the tobacco related diseases. NCRS for last more than 16 years has been serving the country by conducting tobacco control programs. It has played a significant role towards FCTC ratification, advocacy and most importantly for the pass of “Tobacco Products Control and Regulatory Bill 2010”, which has now been passed and in the form of Act and recently have come into enforcement. NCRS lobied with majority of the policy makers to pass the bill. People of Nepal is among 10% of population who are covered by any domestic tobacco control policy as more than 80% of world’s population live in countries who have ratified FCTC.

NCRS conducst various tobacco control programs in schools, colleges, youth clubs and community. To motivate youth against tobacco producst, NCRS has established 15 school based clubs of youth against tobacco.

NCRS is the organization, who for the first time introduced the concept of one paisa tax on every stick of ciggarrette and developed the provision of health tax fund since 1992. Tax rise is one of the most important singlemost policy that can reduce the consumption and demand. After the hughe public pressure generated through NCRS in 1998, the supreme court passed an order to ban tobacco advertisements in electronic media.

NCRS, Tobacco Quit-Line Telephone Counsellign Service

NCRS has been running a telophone counsellign service for adicts who wants to wuit tobacco and need technical help to quit. Till now, hundreds of peopl e have been benefitted from this service.

If someone wants to quit tobacco Please call at 5201200 from 11:00 am -6:00 Pm for counselling.

Social Welfare

  • The Society has been providing recommendation letters for free air tickets of Nepal Airlines and Indain Airlines to the cancer patients, who are willing to go abroad for the treatment.
  • NCRS has been providing ambulances to different remote districts of Nepal by the support of Indain Embassy